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5 Shaving Products to Help You Get The Perfect Shave This Summer

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Did you know that depending on the season, temperature and humidity where you live, you really should consider alternating your shaving products to help you get the best shave each and every time?

For example…

Typically in the summer months when it’s warmer and more humid, the skins pores open up a lot more, naturally leading to a little more sweat being released from the body which can often sit on the skins surface.

Mixing this excess sweat with too much shaving cream and after-shave balm can often lead to the skins pores clogging up with all sorts of dirt and grime throughout the day.

Not nice!

Clogging up the skins pores ultimately has the negative effect of more sweat rashes and itchiness, which can often lead to pimples and razor bumps…

…making your next shave even more uncomfortable…and so the cycle begins.

Adjusting your shaving products to take into account these warmer conditions will prevent this from happening.

As you may have guessed, the opposite applies during the colder, winter months.

The drier, colder air around the winter time tightens and closes the skins pores, making it much harder for any moisture to penetrate the skins surface. Think of your skin like a hard, dry desert at this time of the year in desperate need of additional water to help maintain its perfect balance.

So, as we approach the summer months, here are my top 5 shaving products for helping you to get the smoothest and most comfortable shave, and healthy glowing skin this summer.

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#1 – The Gentlemens Refinery ‘Standard Pre Shave Oil


Gentlemens Refinery PreShave Oil

For a lot of men who shave, especially those with sensitive skin, a pre-shave oil provides many great benefits during the shaving process. These include a superior razor glide and an extra layer of protection between the razor blade and your skin.  

I love this pre-shave oil during the summer months because of a couple of key ingredients. One, it’s made with a very light sunflower oil base which doesn’t clog up the skins pores. Secondly it uses lime essential oil to act as an astringent, which really helps oily skin which can be more common during the summer months.

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#2 – The Art of Shaving Lemon Shaving Cream


Art of Shaving Lemon Shaving Cream

The Art of Shaving product range is a long time favourite of mine since I discovered them way back in the year 2000.


Well, they have a different product range dedicated to helping those with dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin types. The products contain no alcohol, fragrances or colourings so are great for those with sensitive skin.

For the summer months, I would highly recommend their Lemon product range, especially the lemon shaving cream. Not only is it made with real lemon essential oils, which smell amazing at this time of the year, but it works really well to control excess oil on the skin, which occurs more frequently in the summer months.

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#3 – King of Shaves Hyperglide System Razor


king of shaves hyperglide razor

 The Hyperglide System Razor from the King of Shaves truly is a unique innovation within the competitive razor market.

As their excellent promotional video for the razor demonstrates, you ‘just add water’ and shave.

There’s no need for any additional products which is great during the warm summer months. The razor has its own self-lubricating cartridge which creates its own hydro gel as soon as it comes into contact with water. You really need to try this to believe it.

The result – a smooth and comfortable shave every time, with no excess product left on the skin. Summer happiness!

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#4 – Shave Secret Shaving Oil


Shave Secret Shaving Oil

I’ve written about Shave Secret Shaving Oil before in my “Is It The End for Shaving Cream” blog post, as I was previously very skeptical about using shaving oils based on past experience.

However this one changed my perception completely from the very first time I shaved with it. Because Shave Secret is a light and clear shaving oil, not only does it provides excellent razor glide and protection to the skin, it leaves no excess residue after each shave.

And, because of the natural ingredients used within this shaving oil, the oil itself acts as an excellent skin moisturiser…so there’s no need to ‘wipe’ the oil away from the skin afterwards as it offers some excellent benefits. This makes your skin feel refreshed and clean, which is great for those warm sticky summers.

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#5 – The Art of Shaving Lemon After-Shave Gel


Art of Shaving Lemon After Shave Gel

To round off the perfect shave this summer, I’m going back to The Art of Shaving for its excellent Lemon After-Shave Gel. 

Unlike many after-shave balms which have thick heavy bases made from products like shea butter, this lemon after-shave gel contains an algae and herbal extract base which really helps to soothe, refresh and regenerate the skin after shaving.

And during those warm humid summer months especially, it offers amazing hydration to the skin, whilst at the same time tightening the skins pores which is key to a great shave this summer.

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Click here to download your “5 Shaving Products to Help You Get The Perfect Shave This Summer” quick reference guide

So, thats my top 5 shaving products for the perfect shave this summer…

Have you got any product recommendations or shaving tips for an amazing summer shave?

Share your thoughts in the comments box below as I am sure the community here at Mens Shaving would love to hear from you…I know I would for sure.

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