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“I am glad to have met Robert, who helped me cut down my shaving nicks and in-grown hair problems with his suggestions. I would not only recommend the products he sells, but also the information he shares in regards to shaving” – Gautam Agarwal

If you suffer from problems such as ingrown hairs, razor burn, rashes, nick’s and cuts…or quite simply you’re passionate about all things to do with men’s shaving…

…then I firmly believe you’ve just discovered the best men’s shaving content on the internet.

Mens Shaving ExpertI’m Robert Gillespie. And I’m driven by one purpose: “I want to help one million men transform their shaving experience so they look and feel better…and achieve more happiness and success in their lives”.

I’ve been on quite a journey over the past 12 years…and you can read my full story by clicking here.

This journey includes suffering from horrendous and unsightly ingrown hairs in my teens…to opening my own successful shaving business called ‘The Perfect Shave’ in 2005.

The Perfect Shave was the first retail business of its kind in the UK solely dedicated to sourcing and retailing the world’s finest shaving products and accessories under one roof.

And…as a result of my success with The Perfect Shave, I was nominated as a ‘UK Entrepreneur of The Year’ finalist…and have been featured in some of the world’s leading magazines including Arena and GQ.

The great thing about The Perfect Shave was it gave me an amazing opportunity and platform to speak face to face with over 5000 customerswho suffered one way or another when it came to shaving.

I listened as they told me all about their personal shaving problems…

…problems that caused their personal life’s and career’s to suffer due to the lack of confidence it brought with it.

No matter your skin type…I’ve spoken with someone who suffered from the same shaving problems as you may do now.

I’d like to think I’ve passed on the best shaving tips…advice…and product recommendations over the years…

…helping customers to have a pain free, comfortable shave…whilst transforming their lives.

Why Men’s Shaving Now?

In 2013 I decided it was time to pass on my experience and know how gained in the shaving industry over the past 9 years.

There’s too much noise in the men’s shaving industry. You probably have lot’s of questions, and unfortunately there are too many answers.

Men’s Shaving is here to tell you what you really need to know.

This site will publish new content several times each week…so make sure you sign up for our email updates on the right hand side of this page to get the latest news direct to your email.

Here’s a sample of what I’ll be offering at this site:

  • All the latest news and product releases from the Men’s Shaving industry
  • Shaving advice from leading experts in the shaving industry
  • Shaving products and accessories review’s
  • Product recommendations for different skin types
  • Audio interviews and Video broadcasts for more in depth content
  • Expert Q&A’s: I will be hosting weekly Q&A’s on Facebook where you can ask me and our experts anything you like
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Exclusive offers, discounts and promotions from shaving companies across the globe

So what should you do next?

If Men’s Shaving sounds like your kind of site…then I want to make sure you’re the first to know about any new content we post.

This site is all about you.

I’ll be communicating in a few different ways, and I’d like to connect with you in a way that suits you best:

  1. Email – At the top right hand corner of the website, ‘Enter your best email’ to get the very best content we have as its published. This is my favourite method of communicating and announcing the latest news we have here at Men’s Shaving.
  2. Facebook – Click the ‘Like’ button on the right hand side of the website to join our growing list of Facebook followers. I will be hosting Question and Answer sessions on Facebook every week where you can ask me anything you like about Shaving. This is your opportunity to get advice on any problems you may currently have or a product you are thinking about buying.
  3. Twitter – Sometimes when I have a quick idea, tip or some advice that I want to pass on, I will use Twitter to broadcast this message.

I look forward to building an exciting and interactive community at Men’s Shaving with you at its core.

Thank you for visiting Men’s Shaving.

Shave Great. Feel Amazing.

Robert Gillespie.

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