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The ONE Secret You MUST Know For Beating Ingrown Hairs Once and For All: – “Your Invisible Line”

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So what’s this weird looking image, and an ‘invisible line’ got to do with preventing ingrown hairs on your neck?

How to prevent ingrown hairs

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As I was writing this article, I remembered that I hadn’t shaved for a few days…and thought my facial hair growth would help explain this article perfectly…

So out came the iPhone, and this is the resulting image. (Not exactly magazine quality, but it will help…I promise!)

Now, back to solving one of the biggest shaving problems known to men around the world…how to prevent ingrown hairs once and for all.

For the first time ever in writing…

I’m going to explain my ‘invisible line’ strategy for preventing ingrown hairs

…a strategy that worked with so many of my customers at The Perfect Shave…that I felt it my duty to now pass it on.

By following this simple strategy, you too can have a comfortable shave and better looking skin…without the ongoing problems of ingrown hairs.

So, let me explain…

Step 1 – Identifying the ‘invisible line’ on your neck…

There’s numerous reasons why we suffer from ingrown hairs…

Too much razor pressure on the skin…curly facial hair…shaving against the grain…poor product quality…poor shaving technique and so on.

In another article I’ll explain the causes of ingrown hairs in more detail, but for now…I want to give you one of my best shaving tips for avoiding them in the first place.

It all starts with identifying the invisible line on your neck area.

The invisible line is where hair growing downwards from your jaw line…and hair growing upwards from below the Adam’s apple meets.

As you will see from the image above…the blue lines highlight the downward growth direction of my hair…and the red lines highlight the upwards growth of my hair.

(Just for reference…you’ll often hear people talk about “shaving with the grain”…this basically means shaving in the same direction as the hair grows.)

So, the thin black line that I’ve drawn across my neck area, identifies my ‘invisible line’…the point where downward and upward hair growth meets in the ‘middle’ so to speak.

Knowing where your invisible line is…is VERY IMPORTANT to preventing ingrown hairs once and for all.


In order to identify your own invisible line, it’s best to leave your facial hair to grow for a few days…or over a weekend…then examine VERY CLOSELY the direction of your hair growth.

You must identify exactly where the hair grows downwards…upwards…and even sideways.

To do this, simply stand in front of the mirror, and spend as much time as required to really examine the direction in which your facial hair grows.

Now…onto step 2…


Step 2 – Shave EXACTLY in the direction of your hair growth…(with the grain)

In the days when I suffered from horrendous ingrown hairs, I used to shave against the grain…especially around the bottom area of my neck.

I simply didn’t know at the time, that shaving against the grain was the main cause of my ingrown hair problems.

Shaving against the grain wasn’t even a term that existed in my world back then.

I used to shave from the top of my jaw line…right down to the very bottom of my neck area in one downward swoop…with no respect at all for the direction my hair was actually growing.

I just assumed that all of my facial hair grew in the same direction…downwards from my jaw line.


It was so silly looking back…but no one teaches you these things.

This downward swoop would result in terrible ingrown hairs in exactly the places I’ve identified below…where the hair growth is not downwards.

how to stop ingrown hairs

Ingrown Hairs Occur More Frequently In These Areas Due to The Varying Direction of Hair Growth

However, by simply adjusting my shaving technique – to take into account the direction of my hair growth – I eliminated almost 99% of my ingrown hair problems overnight.

And you can too.

So…now that we’ve identified your invisible line…and you’re going to start shaving in the direction of your hair growth…

The next and final step ties it all together nicely.

Step 3 – Adjusting your shaving technique

Here are 2 very quick ways to prevent ingrown hairs by simply adjusting your shaving technique…and this can apply to any razor you may use.

However, for the purpose of this article I’m going to refer to a Gillette FUSION blade.

  1. Starting from your jaw line…shave as normal in a downward stroke – following the direction of your hair growth – BUT STOPPING AT YOUR INVISIBLE LINE! (The blue arrows)
  2. Then, using the single blade on the back of the FUSION blade – shave upwards from the bottom area of your hair growth…following the direction of your hair growth – AGAIN, STOPPING AT YOUR INVISIBLE LINE! (The red arrows)

By following these two simple steps, you’ll prevent ingrown hairs in and around the neck area instantly.

Now, why do I recommend the single blade on the back of the FUSION blade…?

Well…the single blade offers a more precise cut than the 5 blades on the front of the FUSION blade…especially in and around these very tricky shaving areas.

And secondly…because it’s a single blade, it doesn’t cause as much irritation as 5 blades.

The result…ingrown hairs are eliminated…FAST!

So there you have it…my invisible line strategy in all its glory, for the very first time.

Start by identifying your invisible line over the next few days…then adjust your shaving technique to take into account the direction of your hair growth…and you’ll soon be on your way to having a more pleasant shave every day.

Well, I hope this article helps you in your battle with ingrown hairs, and if you liked it, I’d love for you to share it with your friends. You can use the quick share buttons to the left of this article to share it instantly.

I’d also like to hear your comments or your own ingrown hair eliminating solutions, so post them below. And…if you have any additional questions on ingrown hairs post them below and I will try and respond personally.

Shave Great. Feel Amazing.

Robert Gillespie


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