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[Video] – Perry Gastis Live Interview

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Earlier this week I was delighted to catch up on a live video call with Perry Gastis, Creator and Founder of The Gentlemen’s Refinery brand of shaving products.

Perry if you don’t know, is a 4th Generation Barber, and was previously Master Barber for The Art of Shaving and Executive Barber for Truefitt & Hill in North America. In my opinion, Perry is one of the world’s leading mens’s shaving experts, so it’s a privilege to have Perry feature as a regular expert on the Men’s Shaving website.

Now, I’ve been lucky enough to know Perry for several years, but we haven’t actually spoken at length for at least 2 – 3 years…

…and as a result this video call went on a little longer than I’d planned!

What was meant to be a 15 – 20 minute interview, turned into a 48 minute in depth chat on all things shaving related. I’ll put the timing issues down to the fact it was our first recording…so I promise in future to keep them on time. You can hold me to that one.

In the first “Robert and Perry Show”, we covered a lot…but if you’re stuck for time, and want to see what I consider to be the real takeaways from the video then see the bookmarks below:

Key Highlights Include The Following:

  • 1m 40s – Perry discusses how and why he got into the shaving industry
  • 6m 54s – Perry discusses his reasoning behind starting The Gentlemen’s Refinery and what makes his products different
  • 11m 27s – Why ‘high-end’ branded shaving products don’t always equal well done!
  • 16m 09s – Perry and Robert discuss Shaving Oils and Pre – Shave Oils. What’s the main difference, and what to look out for when buying one
  • 22m 45s – Perry explains the evolution of razors, from safety razors through to today’s 5 blade cartridge razors
  • 23m 47s - A quick tip from Perry on how to care for your shaving brush using shampoo!
  • 26m 54s - Perry reveals his favourite razor…apart from his cut throat of course
  • 33m 29s - Perry answers 3 questions asked by the Men’s Shaving audience – Should you use a facial scrub before shaving? Can hair conditioner really improve your shave? How long should a cartridge razor blade REALL last?

Enjoy the video, and please post your comments, questions or suggestions for our next video at the bottom of the page so we can see what you think. And if you can share with your friends, that would be amazing!

***AUDIO ONLY VERSION: Download the audio only version of this interview by clicking here ***

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